You're here because someone told you to come here...

No worries...follow the steps below and you'll get connected for chat in no-time flat.

  1. What is Jabber

    Jabber is the software the underlies Facebook chat and Google Hangouts. it's open source, and anyone can run a server. Here's the Jabber FAQ

  2. How do I connect?

    You'll need a chat client (sort of like good ole' AIM). There are alot of choices, but these work best (full list):

    Desktop (Mac/Windows)



    Astra Chat

  3. Installed...now CONNECT!

    You'll have to connect to the server and register a new user. Open up your newly installed Jabber messenger, and click on "New Account".

    Add the following information:

    Server: gather.info
    Port: 443 (default)

    Somewhere, there will be a "Register New Account". Do that.

  4. Connectd...now what?

    You'll have to request permision to contact someone.

    I'm matt@gather.info .. add me!